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Frequently Asked Questions

Tweetron features

Tweetron now analyzes and reports on your entire account (Followers and Following).
Tweetron now recognises your browser language and communicates in English, French and Greek.
Tweetron’s new search engine has been upgraded to include more criteria and filters such as URL, profile pic (“egg” detection), age of last tweet, verified accounts, non-followbacks, fans etc. It allows precise audience targetting and it is now easier to use.
Tweetron’s new Search feature will allow you to search our database using any language and your own keywords such as a “city“ or “profession“.
Tweetron’s new Language service will reveal the most popular languages used by your audience.
Tweetron’s new Lists service has been upgraded and you now have the choice of adding new users to your existing and/or new twitter lists.
Tweetron’s new Follow/Unfollow service will help you get rid of unwanted or idle accounts and follow new accounts in accordance with your criteria (their following, topics of interest, language, location etc.)
For a walk through of Tweetron services and the use of Tweetron search engine scroll up and click on the respective how-to videos.

Why do I need to authorize Tweetron every time I visit the site?

We use Twitter's authentication process to access your account. We don't take or store your Twitter password. Hence we can only access your account through Twitter's authorization system.

Will you send tweets without my consent?

No, Tweetron application does not send tweets without your consent.

When is the best time to post my tweets?

The Locations Map now shows World Time Zones.¹
Use the Time Zones to post your tweets to your followers at the best times shown below:
The best times to tweet are between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. local time, on average, for each time zone. The best days to post for B2B organizations is Monday to Friday, and for B2C is at Weekends and Wednesdays.
The best times to tweet for engagement differ across time zones, so it’s still important to experiment and find the times when your audience is most engaged.

¹ Hover the mouse over the Map graphics.

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About us

Responsive and multilingual, Tweetron analyzes your entire Twitter account It helps you target your audience and boost your account.

Tweetron will discover, analyse and display:

  • Your followers and their following
  • Their main topic of interest
  • Their geographical location
  • Their language on Twitter

Tweetron can now create Twitter lists and add users to your existing Twitter lists in no time! You can now follow new users and unfollow unwanted users with your criteria.

For a walk through of our services and the use of Tweetron search engine scroll up and click on the respective how-to videos.

Tweetron is not affiliated with Twitter.

We are constantly working to enrich Tweetron with more features: Watch this space!


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